In an effort to provide our customers various services, we have added the production of 3D Labels (volumetric / doming) to our portfolio, which are the perfect solution for product marking.



About 3D Labels (volumetric / doming):

      You can get small series of small labels with an unlimited number of colors and almost any geometric shape. They can be applied on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

      Thanks to their transparent volumetric layer the labels get a special glow, bright colors and a distinct volume.

      Modern technology allows the cutting of these tags not only in classic shapes: square, rectangle, circle cutting but by custom contouring indicated by the customer.

      Having a good resistance to water and UV rays, they can be applied to flat or slightly curved, their time resistance while being guaranteed.


Applications of 3D LABELS:

  • - Televisions, Refrigerators, any electronic products and appliances
  • - Machinery and equipment, including those used in exterior
  • - Toolbox, various machines, coffee machines, Boze
  • - Furniture, sinks
  • - Computers
  • - Cars, Motorcycles, Bikes, Boats
  • - Textile Goods: bags, suitcases, etc.
  • - Custom Promotional Items: small series irregularly shaped objects or large


      3D labels respond as solution to an old problem: quality / price ratio.

      For further details please contact us in the contact section.