To complete our embroidery services, we have introduced the production of embroidered emblems.

      We make the EMBROIDERED emblems by laser cutting the materials applied, which provides a longer lasting use of the product.



Applications for embroidered emblems:

  • - Local Police Badges
  • - Traffic Police Badges
  • - Grade Embroidered
  • - School Badges
  • - Sports Badges
  • - Military Badges
  • - Motorcyclists Badges
  • - Your Company Logo Badge
  • - Nominal Badges


       The price of the execution of embroidered emblems can vary depending on the number of embroidery stitches that it contains (unit is 1000 stitches) and the number of customization units ordered. It can be calculated only after designing it on the computer.

      So, a fair price can only be pronounced after a concrete order. For further details please contact us in the contact section.