The first and main activity of our company was SCREEN PRINTING on textile.



      SCREEN PRINTING is the process by which various materials, from paper, ceramics, plastic to textiles and metal can be personalized. This process guarantees a higher quality and long lasting use compared to other methods like digital printing or thermal transfer printing.

      Screen printing on fabric provides an excellent resitance to mechanical or environmental factors.

      In the process of screen printing we use different ink to make the inscriptions (plastisol, ecological plastisol, discharge, waterbased), including high-quality full color.

      We also can perform special prints: 3D, metal-foil, expand, glitter, perl, flock, reflective, fluorescent, etc.

      The maximum size of the drawing that we can reproduce is 430*350 mm.

      Also, as a new process in our company, we can laser engrave on fabric.

      Currently we have the capacity to print up to 10,000 pcs/24 hours, on automatic printer that gives great accuracy and quality reproductive uniform design regardless of lot size.



TEXTILE by screen printing applications:


- T-shirts, jackets, shirts

- Hats, scarves, ties

- Work equipment and protective overalls, gowns

- Sports equipment: numbers and logos

- Equipment or medical suits

- Work equipment for restaurants: aprons, bonnets

- Equipment and protective security firms

- Products for babies and children blouses, breastplate, body, blankets, caps, hats, bandanas, tracksuits, jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, T-shirts, singlets

- Jumpers from NAP

- Jackets and vests

- Umbrellas

- Textile and Travel Bags

- Bags




      To correctly calculate a price we must take into account the following aspects: surface coverage, positioning, number of colors, types of paint or ink used.

       So, a fair price can only pronounce for a concrete order. For further details please contact us in the contact section.