In an effort to provide our customers various services we have added personalized cards to our portfolio.


      The common sizes of cards are 85 mm x 54 mm and 0.76 mm thick. There are other types and sizes with magnetic stripe or chip, etc.

      The optimal variant for printing cards is primarily related to draft and design. We offer solutions for full color card personalization in quantities starting from 1 piece (sample). We provide consultancy to find the cheapest solution for the job you want.

      For their execution the customer is required to provide the graphics (colored images) that he wants reproduced at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.



Applications of PERSONALIZED cards:

  • - Loyalty cards
  • - Gift cards
  • - Bonus cards
  • - Membership cards
  • - Passes

      Areas of interest can be multiple: clubs, health centers, gyms, retailers, hotels, restaurants, shops, bookstores, cultural associations, professional associations, public authorities, schools, universities, Transport, Tourism, Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, Companies Highness insurance and more difficult to enumerate.

      For further details please contact us in the contact section.