In an effort to provide our clients complete service portfolio we added laser engraving.


About Laser engraving:

      It is a modern inscription process consists in burning of one or more layers of an object.

      There can be burnt flat surfaces of wood, glass, plastic, cardboard, etc. With laser technology materials can be engraved or cut/cut.

      Laser engraving quality is unmatched. It produces a permanent image, highly detailed and fine, a very important property when referring to photogravure representation of fine detail engraving on glass, noble materials, or in one of the toughest material, granite. A great advantage is offered by the fact that by laser engraving and cutting the material does not undergo displacements at work but require special undertakings only with circular objects.

      We offer from stock or by order a variety of products that can be printed in our workshop as port cards engraving metal, metal key chains, clocks on wall, etc.

      Materials that are suitable engraving are wood, acrylic, PVC, glass, ceramics, leather, textiles, special engraving.



Applications of laser engraving:

  • - Pens, Keychains (aluminum, metal or leather)
  • - Notebooks, Folders Menu Restaurant bill (of leather or imitation leather)
  • - Business card holders, cigarette cases
  • - Glasses, ashtrays, bottles
  • - Trophies, Cups, Plaques, Badges
  • - Interior signage: Platelet hotel room numbers, inventory numbers, wafer identification office, restroom signs,
  • - Wedding or Christening Invitations


      For further details please contact us in the contact section.