In an effort to provide our clients complete services we have added tampography services to our portfolio.



       It can be made on different types of material (plastic, metal, leather, glass, wood), with both flat and irregular surfaces, curved or round, small and medium sizes.

      With this process very fine lines and details can be obtained of up to 0.05 mm. We print from 1 to 4 colors in one print overlay. The maximum size we can print is Ø8CM.

      Diversity makes tampography printing applications represent an advantageous printing method, very economical and versatile for many fields of industry and beyond: advertising and promotional campaigns, sporting goods industry, the pharmaceutical industry, automotive, plastics, electronics and electrical industry.

      With this service we target advertising agencies, restaurants and businesses in any field that wishes to promote their image by this type of customization. The advantage of this method is the low prices customization for large series.

      Moreover, since 2009 we are offering promotional items in full color customization which allows fine detail reproduction of logos.

      The materials that can be customized are: PVC, ABS, wood, leather, artificial leather, glass, acrylic and the surface area is 40 * 30cm.



Tampography printing applications:

  • - Pens, pencils
  • - Lighters
  • - Keychains
  • - Cups, ashtrays
  • - Watches, Writing Instruments Stands
  • - Phone Cases
  • - Beer openers
  • - Memory: card or stick; mouse
  • - Notebooks, Folders
  • - Cards, business card holders
  • - PVC nameplate


      The SHATTER team will also be at your disposal with promotional items that can be customized with tampography printing, but customize products brought by the beneficiary, provided that they are amenable to this procedure.

     Prices are directly correlated with the number of inscriptions, the number of colors and the type of support that is desired inscription executed. So, a fair price can only pronounce at a concrete order. For more details, please contact us in the contact section.