Since 2005 we have the technology that allows us to print full-color images on surfaces with different widths (full width = 137 cm) with resolutions up to 1440 * 1440 dpi. Printings are made at a high resolution and the quality is comparable to photographic images. Images can be printed on a wide range of media: poliplan, sticker, banner material, paper.

      Flags are executed on a 100% polyester material weighing about 110 g / sqm, has a good resistance in any weather and is UV stable, wind gusts: approx. 1042 kN / m, air permeability: 950 l / min on the DMP. Wash temperature 40 ° C, cold ironing, not squeeze and do not use bleach to wash. Flags comes with hem and / or staples on the contour or pockets for metal bars, as required by the beneficiary.



       Customizable flags: they can be made with your company name or any full color image made ​​available by the beneficiary:

  • - Romania
  • - European Union
  • - NATO
  • - Flags of International Organizations
  • - Flags of the world
  • - Flags customized with company logo, Mayors logo, County Council, Prefect, etc.



      The minimum order is 1 piece. For the execution, the beneficiary is required to provide the desired graphics reproduced at a minimum resolution of 300 dpi.

      For further details please contact us in the contact section.