Since 2005 we have technology that allows full-color images on surfaces with different widths (full width = 137 cm) with resolutions up to 1440 * 1440 dpi. Listings run at high resolution, the quality is comparable to photographic images. Images can be printed on a wide range of media: poliplan, sticker, banner, paper.

      The size of the prints, quality and strength to weather and UV rays, makes this method of advertising to be one of the most used by customers and partners. The eco-solvent based inks combined with the printing quality of our equipment ensure that the color intensity will be long lasting (3-5 years). Some products can be achieved by digital printing - for pictures in full color, others by cutting-plotter - for linear color.

      The products and services we currently offer are:


  • - Banners



      Made of flexible PVC material, known as the poliplan, printed in high resolution full color images or line drawings. The material is made of a special polyester fabric, "preloaded" with white PVC coating on both sides.





      Soft PVC wrap, available with glossy or matte surface, destined to decorating hard supports, both inside and outside. It can provide you with cutting or no cutting. Cutting can be in any form, geometric contour or of pre-established contour.


  • - Roll-up



      It is a portable exhibition 1 side or 2 sides, very easy to carry and use, suitable for visual presentations and excellent support for brand communication. It is retracted, the price includes printing at a resolution of 1440 * 1440dpi and travel bag nylon carrying. The material inside can be replaced whenever it is necessary another listing. It is used in windows, showrooms, shops, malls, hypermarkets, sales, promotional campaigns, waiting rooms, conference halls, passageways, receptions, hotels, schools, cinemas, theaters, cafes, bars, social events, airports.

      For the execution of these products the customer needs to supply the design to be reproduced at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

      For further details please contact us in the contact section.