We are a manufacturer of textile labels printed on a textile backing, having an experience of over 15 years in the market of textile accessories.

      Currently, the textile labels are a multifunctional and effective mean to identify the brand and the product, and to present various technical details such as legislative information and data variables. We provide technology and high quality materials to create a textile label that has the quality and the look you want. Our production capacity is 100,000 pcs / 24 hours depending on the size of the labels on the number of colors and complexity of design.



      We can make these types of textile labels:

  • - composition labels - on order, beneficiary model
  • - size labels - permanent in stock
  • - LOGO type labels - on order, beneficiary model
  • - Barcode labels – on order, beneficiary model


      General characteristics of the labels we produce:

  • - support can be made in nylon or satin;
  • - can be achieved in two colors on the front and one color on the reverse with the range of colors:
    •     * black, red, green, blue for nylon
    •     * red, black, green, blue, silver and navy for satin.
  • - possible dimensions:
    •     * Width: 20-50 mm;
    •     * Length: 10 - 2500 mm;
  • - nylon labels are available in roll or cut, and those in satin ones are available only in roll
  • - are resistant to washing, boilling, washing chemicals, moisture, high temperature.


 MOST IMPORTANT: The minimum order is 1 piece.


      For printing we are using digital technology that offers the advantage of feasibility of very small series without additional costs for production preparation. It also can perform complex custom designs, including logos, slogans, etc.

      For further details please contact us in the contact section.