To continue offering solutions for a variety of applications in textile services, we have added embroidery services portfolio.



      This is a stylish and durable textile customization. Our quality service will be ensured by ZSK industrial machines for computerized embroidery, high-quality raw materials and a qualified personnel.

      Embroidery can be executed directly on the client's products or in the form of embroided emblems. The latter has the advantage of being able to be applied subsequently produced by sewing Velcro.

      We recommend embroidery for personalization method for quality products such as polo shirts made of minimum 195 g / m², fleece hoodies, jackets, ties, dresses, etc..



Applications of EMBROIDERY:

  • - Fabrics, leather, fleece, denim, jersey, synthetic fabrics, polyester
  • - T-shirts, shirts, ties, caps, towels
  • - Equipment for clubs, work equipment, medical equipment
  • - Linens, bathrobes
  • - Tablecloths and serviettes for bars, restaurants, hotel towels
  • - Batista and Vestments for priests
  • - Monogram on media
  • - Elegant garment



      The embroidery price can be calculated based on the number of stitches contained embroidery and customization of the number of units ordered only after realization of the computer program which operates under the embroidery machine. So, a fair price can be offered only for a concrete order.